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Yeast Eliminator Diet ™


Yeast Eliminator Diet ™  A wonderful benefit of cleansing your body of yeast, restoring healthy beneficial bacteria levels and ensuring proper enzyme levels is that weight loss will be a pleasant side effect.  Combine our products with a low carbohydrate diet and you’ll be amazed how fast and easy it is to lose weight.   Being overweight is not the normal human condition.  Our modern diets are not the normal human diet.   Believe that you can eat like a king, never go hungry and lose serious pounds.  

Eating a healthy diet of  vegetables, salads, nuts, eggs, steak, chicken, ribs, ham, fish, shrimp, lobster, cheese and a small amount of carbs from sauces, salad dressing and adult beverages is a super easy diet to keep and an easy lifestyle to maintain.  Once you reach you target weight and remove unhealthy yeast levels and restore your beneficial bacteria population you can add in carbs like French fries and back off anytime your weight starts to increase.  

But…. If your system is like many people’s today it’s loaded with yeast and starved of beneficial bacteria and digestive enzymes.  Blame it on the high processed sugar content of our foods, the chemicals in our foods, alcohol, prescription drugs, antibiotics, etc., etc..  The way we live and the things we ingest make it nearly impossible for the average person to succeed at low carb diets.   Your body, or rather the unhealthy and large yeast population in your body demands sugars and carbohydrates.

It’s a lie that eating fattening foods cause weight gain.  It’s the carbs and sugars and unhealthy digestive systems that cause the weight to pile on.  Nuts, eggs, cheese and ribs have a good amount of fat in them yet if you ate nothing but those and reduced your yeast levels, you’d feel great and be absolutely amazed at the easy weight loss.  

What can you possibly have to lose?  Try our Yeast Eliminator Weight Loss Diet ™  is a combination of SciTrition products that when used together , allow you to eat very, very well and be full and satisfied all day.  If you are not completely amazed at the weight and inches you drop we will cheerfully refund your money.  Our combination of yeast killing product, powerful probiotic beneficial bacteria replenisher and stomach flattening No-Bloat broad spectrum digestive enzymes is the key to success in a low carb diet.   Millions of people fail every year at low carb diets because unhealthy yeast levels make cravings impossible to fight,  digestive systems over-run with yeast and bad bacteria go haywire when the bad foods that fed the unhealthy condition are no longer consumed.   This causes fatigue, even flu-like feelings, poor concentration and a host of other issues which cause people to give up on themselves and give up on turning their diets and weight problems around.  

You don’t have to give up the sweet taste of sugar either.  Xylitol is a superb, healthy and natural sweetener derived from the Birch tree.  Xylitol is low calorie, non tooth decaying and best of all Xylitol has actually been shown to fight yeast!  Xylitol comes in powder form just like sugar; you can use it in cooking like sugar and keep enjoying your sweetened coffee, ice tea, etc.  You can even buy Xylitol ice cream and candy.

No-Bloat is a miracle at digestion.  It helps your body digest food and yeast die off toxins without the usual bloating, constipation, fatigue and cloudy brain function associated with low carb diets.